Sedef Gali, artist and interior designer was born in Istanbul, 14 of March 1990. Graduated from Pratt Institute with Interior Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in New York - Brooklyn, leading art and design university in USA. Her international academic background is supported with International Baccalaureate Diploma and Art & Design diploma from Central St. Martins in London. Sedef Gali developed an international experience while building her creative career. She is a multi-faceted artist based in between Istanbul and New York.


Gali started her art and design career in 2006 through D&D Art Studio in Istanbul, followed by
SedefGaliArt in 2009. She had multiple personal exhibitions, art shows and pop-up shows
between Europe and New York.
Sedef Gali researches different socio-cultural eras and mainly focuses on portraits. Her work is a celebration of the suppressed emotions of the human being and how it is sugar coated within society through the use of colors and illusions. Main subjects of her work consist of gender issues, self love, and colorful and chaotic grime of metropolitan cities and society.

The main technique Gali uses is acrylic and on canvas, but all works includes iridescent tricks and illusions supported with spray paint, nail polish, oil based mediums, alcohol and self made powdered pigments.



As an artist with her Pop Art influenced, impressionist artworks, Sedef Gali had multiple exhibitions between Istanbul and New York, including respected venues such as The HoleGallery, Bowery Hotel and Manhattan Center in New York City, curating concept events and performances within the exhibitions in order to exhibit her work within a complete experience.

Sedef Gali

Artist, Designer

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