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Private Conversations - Sentimental Wonderland Troupe

"Bedlam, is not wholly unpleasant. Chaos is the mother of beauty. Beauty is the mother of us all.

The laundry overhead is the cherry on top, an innocent display of the guilt deep within. Do a fresh set of sheets indicate gaudiness or chastity, harmlessness or lust? 

The soul is the prime equalizer of humanity—each of us has just one, and we each choose how to employ it. The body, on the other hand, is its servant, the soul’s porter and concierge. The ailing body heals quickly; the ailing soul does not. Who is the greater sinner, then: she who sells her body for money, or she who sells her soul for it?

Here we are, living in a dream, an infinite muse, our sugar- coated darkness. Why do we work so hard just to be who we really are?"

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