sedef gali studio

ArtHouse at Bodrum Edition Hotel 

Sedef Gali works with the Bodrum Edition Hotel to lead a culture and entertainment hub. Apart from the ArtHouse On The Beach, she gives creative consultancy services and curates special events in order to draw everyone into the magical world of art.

Les Benjamins X Sedef Gali

Sedef Gali and Lamia Al Otaishan Aydın joined together to create a new iconic collection for Les Benjamins.


Sedef Gali produces a capsule collection collaboration from the Spring-Summer 2020 Women’s Bag Line. The limited edition presents one of a kind, original artworks painted on each bag by Sedef Gali herself. This unique enterprise was devised as a tribute to International Women’s Day.

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La Boucherie

Sedef Gali Art collaborates with different brands and venues for concept development, artwork packages, murals and branding. La Boucherie is a cabaret located in Istanbul, Levent. You can find multiple Sedef Gali murals covering the space.


Sky up is a dynamic light installation, inspired by the kids' room lights and galaxies. Exhibited in Design Week Fair, this lighting piece is collaborated with Urban Atolye. Convex aluminum structure is covered with a thin layer of white cement, slowly turning 360 degrees and creating light/shadow games.

'Istanbul Gazinosu'

Collaboration with Soho House - Installation by Sedef Gali

Led cords, wallwasher floor lights, collected sheets, personal objects (lingerie, tights, nighties etc) 


Don't let the fresh laundry overhead mislead you: here lies violence and grime, sex and drugs and thirst. Tarlabaşı puts it on full display, the supreme blend of ghetto and grandeur. From within this maelstrom, a sprinkling of sugar paints the sky, the conflict between the spotless home and the guilt-ridden heart.


If there's one thing every city shares, it's constant change. Yet as change breeds novelty, novelty breeds seclusion. Do any of us belong—in our cities, our bodies, our minds? Or are we all just outsiders looking in? These are the stuff of private conversations—conversations with a loved one, with a friend, with the self.

Istanbul is a city of chaos, and Tarlabaşı, its underbelly of harlotry and whoredom, puts the city's grittiness on full display. Women in burqas pass women in thigh-highs without a second glance. They sacrifice their past for a slim shot at a future; they suppress fear and femininity, angst and anxiety, recourse and restraint. But with it all goes everything that is meaningful, belly laughter and sunny days and joie de vivre.

The laundry overhead is the cherry on top, an innocent display of the guilt deep within. Do a fresh set of sheets indicate gaudiness or chastity, harmlessness or lust? Man or woman, every closet has skeletons.


The soul is the prime equalizer of humanity—each of us has just one, and we each choose how to employ it. The body, on the other hand, is its servant, the soul’s porter and concierge. The ailing body heals quickly; the ailing soul does not. Who is the greater sinner, then: she who sells her body for money, or she who sells her soul for it?


Here we are, living in a dream, an infinite muse, our sugar-coated darkness. Why do we work so hard just to be who we really are


Live painting show and exhibition, collaborated with Babel New York and Bowery Hotel New York. This sold out Art & Music event, also hosted producer and sound engineer Nu to perform as well. 


Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch at Salt Gallery: Brand collaboration, live painting, press promotion, product ambassador for drawing focused new tablet used with S Pen. 


Limited edition 'PINKO Love Bags x Sedef Gali' collection is now available at PINKO Stores.

MONKEY 47 Collaboration

Long term events and activities designed, including but not limited to exhibition and artist talks. Three selected artists exhibited a particular art work in collaboration with the brand.

ODEABANK X Andy Warhol Exhibition at UniqExpo

Gali hosted the exhibition in collaboration with Johnnie Walker.

HAPPY HOUR TR Interactive Experience Museum

Creative direction, space design and brand building for the first interactive museum of Turkey.

W Hotels Worldwide
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Ongoing collaborations with W Hotels Worldwide including artist talks, group workshops and events.


Art works designed for GabFoods located in Arnavutköy / Istanbul. Recommended by LVMH Guide.

Root Hotel & Beach Club

Creative direction and consultancy of the new venue located in Bodrum, Agean Riviera of Turkey.